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iTero® Intraoral Scanner

Impressions Go Digital

At Shine Orthodontics, we use the most current technology for your orthodontic treatment. One of our favorite cutting-edge tools is our iTero® intraoral scanner and outcome simulator. Using the scanner, we can create a digital model of your teeth without uncomfortable, goopy impressions. The outcome simulator even allows us to show you what your new smile will look like before you start a day of treatment. To experience iTero for yourself, schedule a complimentary consultation with Thornton orthodontist Dr. Brandon Scheer today!

What is the iTero Intraoral Scanner?

Digital impressions are a modern, efficient and comfortable way to create a precise model of your teeth. While traditional impressions involve biting into a tray filled with messy putty while holding still, iTero is quick and non-invasive. Though it’s excellent for any patient, it’s especially good for those who gag easily.

To complete the impressions, a Shine Orthodontics team member uses a lightweight, handheld wand to scan your teeth and gums. The images are sent to our computer screen and a virtual, 3D rendering of your dental anatomy is created. Dr. Scheer can use the virtual model to plan out your treatment and to design custom aligners, braces, retainers and other appliances. With the outcome simulator, he’s also able to show you a representation of what your smile will look like when your treatment is complete.