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Motion 3D Appliance

Jump Starting Your Orthodontic Treatment

At Shine Orthodontics, Dr. Scheer is a provider of the Carriere® Motion 3D appliance in Thornton, Colorado. This cutting-edge orthodontic innovation makes it easy to achieve a beautiful smile in a short period of time. The comfortable, sleek, bite-correcting appliance was designed with the patient in mind. It can help correct issues like an overbite and underbite without the need for uncomfortable headgear or other bulky appliances.

What is the Motion 3D Appliance?

The Motion 3D appliance uses the latest in orthodontic technology to provide a fast, aesthetic, effective first phase of treatment. This appliance allows you to jump start your orthodontic care by correcting your bite first before you get braces or Invisalign®. This reduces your overall treatment time, which means you will spend less time in braces or aligners.

Motion 3D appliance treatment time usually ranges from three to six months. However, this can vary depending on your specific orthodontic needs. When the desired movement has been reached, Dr. Scheer will remove the appliance and place braces or clear aligners to complete your treatment. To find out if you’re a candidate for the Motion 3D appliance, schedule a complimentary consultation at Shine Orthodontics today!