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InBrace Invisible Braces Treatment

Want the straightening power of braces but don’t like the idea of having visible brackets glued to the front of your teeth? You’re in luck. There have never been more orthodontic treatment optionsspan style=”font-weight: 400;”> than there are today. Orthodontic technology has come a long way since chunky metal braces, so you don’t have to settle for a look that doesn’t feel like you. You can now choose between traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual braces and the many clear aligner brands on the market. One of our favorites? The ultra-discreet, super effective InBrace® hidden braces system.


At Shine Orthodontics, we offer InBrace® lingual braces in Thornton, CO. These hidden braces are custom-made and bonded to the back of your teeth, on the tongue side, making them completely invisible. Ready to find out what makes InBrace a leading choice for orthodontic treatment? In this post, we’ll answer all you questions, including:


  • What are InBrace hidden braces?
  • How does InBrace work?
  • What is the process for getting InBrace?
  • What are the benefits of lingual braces?
  • What does InBrace cost?
  • Am I a candidate for lingual braces?


What are InBrace Hidden Braces?

What are InBrace Hidden Braces

InBrace lingual braces work like traditional braces: they use a system of brackets and wires to guide your teeth into the ideal position according to your orthodontist’s prescription. But instead of having the brackets glued to the front of your teeth, they’re placed on the back surface of the teeth, facing the tongue. This means no one will be able to tell you’re wearing braces, so you can get a straighter smile without feeling self-conscious about your hardware.


InBrace uses a special, high-tech wire — called Smartwire™ — that allows for more efficient and more comfortable treatment. The system, which was created by orthodontists, also uses an advanced computer modeling program and AI to map out your treatment plan. All of this adds up to a streamlined, state-of-the-art orthodontic system that promises efficient and effective results.


How Does InBrace Work?


So how exactly do InBrace lingual braces work? We’ve mentioned the Smartwire, the highly intelligent, super discreet wire that’s custom-fit for your mouth and treatment plan. There’s also InBrace’s Gentleforce™ technology that gently shifts your teeth into their correct position based on your pre-programmed plan. This technology allows for shorter treatment times and more accurate results.



Thanks to the Smartwire and Gentleforce technology, InBrace patients experience friction-free tooth movement. There are no sharp, pokey wires or uncomfortable adjustments required with InBrace. The streamlined design also protects the long-term health of your gums, teeth and mouth, meaning you won’t just have a straighter smile — you’ll have a healthier smile too!


The InBrace Process


Wondering what to expect from the InBrace process? It’s a high-tech but simple procedure. Here’s what will happen when you get InBrace in Thornton:


  • Get digital scans: First, Dr. Brandon Scheer will take digital impressions of your teeth to create a virtual, 3D model of your mouth. He will then plan out your treatment directly on the computerized rendering of your smile. This gives him ultimate control over your tooth movements, allowing for maximum precision in your results. He’ll then send his specifications to a lab and where your custom lingual braces will be created just for you.
  • Wait for your customized design: At the InBrace lab, the experts will program your Smartwire with Gentleforce technology based on Dr. Scheer’s specifications. This means, once your wire is placed on your teeth, your teeth will know exactly where to go. In fact, the technology is so smooth that InBrace calls it “teeth-straightening on autopilot.”
  • Start your treatment: From the day you get your InBrace lingual braces put on, you can smile widely wherever you go. InBrace is completely hidden, so you can keep doing your thing while your braces work their magic. Like we mentioned, you don’t need uncomfortable monthly braces tightening appointments. You do you and InBrace will take care of the rest.



What are the Benefits of InBrace Invisible Braces?

We’ve covered some of the benefits of InBrace already, but if you’re still not convinced, let’s look at all those perks in detail. Here’s what makes InBrace lingual braces one of the best choices for orthodontic treatment:


  • Super discreet orthodontic treatment: InBrace behind-the-teeth braces can’t be seen at all when you smile — not even close up. That’s certainly not something you can get with conventional braces or even clear aligner systems.
  • No visible discoloration after braces treatment: Since the InBrace brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth, the visible surfaces of your teeth are protected from discoloration. If any discoloration does develop, you won’t be able to see it when your braces are removed.
  • Effective for complex orthodontic issues: While there are a number of other discreet orthodontic treatment options, InBrace hidden braces can address more complex cases than other systems. This is because of the advanced InBrace technology. InBrace lingual braces are more effective than clear aligners at correcting both tooth rotations and tooth height, as well as closing gaps caused by extractions.
  • Easy to floss your teeth: The InBrace Smartwire has a looping design that allows you to floss as you normally would. This means it’s easier to stay on top of your oral hygiene routine to keep your teeth healthy and strong all throughout your treatment.
  • No adjustments required: Another benefit of the InBrace Smartwire? It self-adjusts and doesn’t require tightening, so visits are shorter. You can spend more time living your life and doing the things you love instead of spending time in the orthodontist’s chair.
  • More comfortable than traditional braces: Thanks to digital treatment planning and the unique brackets and wires, InBrace hidden braces cause less friction and are more comfortable than conventional braces. No poking wires or scratchy brackets here.
  • Shorter treatment times: Once again, the InBrace technology is the star of the show, offering more efficient treatment than other orthodontic systems. With InBrace, the chances are high that you’ll see your new smile sooner than you would with traditional braces!



What Does InBrace Cost?


Like with any type of orthodontic treatment, the cost of InBrace depends on your unique diagnosis. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Scheer will assess your smile and determine the best treatment plan. He’ll give you an upfront estimate of what your treatment will cost so you can make the best decision for your smile.


For comparison, regular braces typically cost between $4000 and $6000, clear aligners cost between $4000 to $7000, and InBrace lands somewhere between $6000 and $7000. When you factor in shorter treatment times, predictable results and a more comfortable experience overall, InBrace is a competitive option for orthodontic treatment.


At Shine Orthodontics, we would never want finances to prevent you from getting the care you need. We work with most major insurance companies and will work with you to find a flexible financing solution that fits your budget.



Am I a Candidate for InBrace Lingual Braces?


InBrace can treat a wide range of orthodontic concerns, from simple to the most complex cases. Here’s a guide to the types of orthodontic issues that InBrace can treat:


  • Spacing: If you have spaces between your teeth, food can easily get stuck. This ultimately can lead to plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. Excess space can also cause broken or chipped teeth. InBrace can close the gaps between your teeth and improve your lifelong oral health.
  • Crowding: When your teeth are bunched up, overlapping or slightly rotated, it’s called crowding. Teeth that don’t have enough space are more difficult to brush and floss effectively. By creating space for crowded teeth, InBrace can contribute to a healthier (and more beautiful) smile.
  • Open bite: When your mouth is closed, do your upper and lower teeth touch? If not, you might have an open bite. An open bite makes it difficult to chew or bite into food, but InBrace can bring your upper and lower jaw into proper alignment.
  • Overbite: Also called a deep bite, an overbite occurs when your front teeth overlap your lower teeth to an excessive degree. Correcting an overbite with InBrace can improve your bite and the aesthetics of your smile.
  • Underbite: An underbite is a type of malocclusion when your lower teeth jut out in front of your upper teeth. It can be uncomfortable or, in extreme cases, may even be painful. An underbite also makes it hard to chew or speak properly, and can cause excessive wear and tear. InBrace can correct even severe underbites by properly aligning your upper and lower jaw.

We offer many types of orthodontic treatment at Shine Orthodontics, each with their own pros and cons. But if you’re really looking for an innovative, discreet and efficient way to get a straighter, healthier smile, InBrace lingual braces might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn more about InBrace in Thornton.